In the afternoon of the 3rd day of the CreativeLab training course, the first study-visit took place at The Caravan B&B Thessaloniki where the founder of the AgroDesign Cluster , Panos Remoundos presented the Creative Couples: Dimitra Divani responsible for the marketing of her family business Divanis Cheese that produces traditional cheese products and Sotiris Gkekas who is a senior designer of the company POINT BLANK that designs digital products, websites and apps specialized in UX and UI design. The cooperation between Divanis Cheese and POINT BLANK was explained and described and then there was time for Q&A.



On the 3rd day of the CreativeLab training course in the morning, after the warm-up activity, we reflected and discussed what we learned and shared the previous days.

Dimitra Zervaki introduced the concept of “Why-How-What”, as it is one of the main pillars of Brand Strategy. Later on, a team activity was held to find out the pillars of a company’s Brand Strategy, which are the “Why-How-What”, the “Value Proposition” and the “Tagline” based on erybo’s (a start-up company) case study.

A group discussion for clarifying the concepts-terms of “Why-How-What”, “Value Proposition” and “Tagline” followed and afterwards, a presentation about the “Purpose Driven Company” took place.

One more activity followed about finding out Apple’s “Why-How-What” where participants worked again in teams and presented their results.

by Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi