On the 2nd of the CreativeLab training course, we started the day with fun warm-up activities and Paraskevi Tarani presented the following topic: “Creative Placemaking and urban policies for social participation & Creative Districts.

Moreover, after the presentation of Paraskevi Tarani two participants from Denmark and one Slovenia presented briefly very representative “creative districts” projects of their cities. Later on, the process of “Idea Visualization” was presented by Dimitra Zervaki and the participants applied it based on their unique ideas.

The Idea pitching followed where every participant presented his/her visualized idea and the group added value to each one by providing additional ideas & feedback on various aspects.

Afterwards, there was a presentation & Group Discussion regarding the Agile Project Management as well as the differences between “Traditional” Project Management and Agile Project Management, Project Scope, Project Stakeholders, Work Breakdown Structure and Project Charter. Finally, the participants in a team of 3 to 4 people per team were asked to identify and analyse the Stakeholders of the project entitled: “Organization and Implementation of a Concert with Musicians from all over the World.”

by Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi