The training course CreativeLab has already started!


The project coordinator Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi introduced the project CreativeLab, the team of Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V.  Stefan Kiehne and Olga Yocheva, the trainer Dimitra Zervaki, the speaker Paraskevi Tarani and the facilitator Olympia Datsi from Creativity Platform. Name games and “getting-to-know each other” activities took place and later on, the trainer Dimitra Zervaki started her session. Terms of “new economies” were defined by the group and the trainer which triggered debates and discussions.

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The difference between a Business Idea and a Business Opportunity was analyzed and discussed and then the activity “Which do you think are the main issues which prevent people to generate and implement successfully ideas?” using the method “Brainwriting” was held. The trainer Dimitra Zervaki presented the Idea Management Framework which is a tool for developing, enhancing, implementing and promoting ideas effectively and successfully.

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Afterwards, we discussed the sustainability topic and why our ideas need to be integrated with sustainability based on the “9 Planetary Boundaries”. Moreover, a presentation about the topic of Idea Generation based on Darwin’s Paradox was held followed by a group discussion and then, the method “Write down 10 ideas per day” was introduced by the trainer where she explained the role of this method in enhancing creativity.

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We also posed four (4) questions about if we want to create a great business and the factors which distinguishes the winning start-ups (timing, project management, idea, business model, funding.) and later on an introduction about Project Management and what a project is followed. Finally, we had the time to assess our Skills as Project Managers.

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by Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi